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Parmesan Style Hard Cheese £4.95 per Kg. (5x2Kg)

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This is our own Parmigianino, Parmesan style hard cheese. Although, it has not made in the Parma region, it has been made to the traditional recipe. A strong, fruity slightly salty hard cheese, very popular with chefs particularly in Italy and France. Finely grated to give you it in its preferred grate type, ideal for topping off any pasta dish.

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Our Parmigianino has been fine grated to make it easy to use within recipes. It dissolves into sauces and melts deliciously onto hot plates of food. Parmesan itself is extremely popular in Western culture with the increasing popularity of Italian and French cooking. It is the cheese that goes with practically any dish because of its salty yet fruity taste. It is a very versatile cheese and can be mixed with other cheeses to enhance the flavour, sprinkle some on a salad to give it an extra kick, there's only one rule the Italians have when using this cheese, it should never be used with a fish dish. During the process of making real Parmesan when the cheese comes to be tested for maturity it is struck with a hammer and the reverberations through the cheese are listened to, this as well as the smell and taste give the tester an indication as to what is happening beneath the cheese's surface rind. It takes just under 40 pints of milk to make just 1Kg of Parmesan.


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